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Estogrout Admix

Plasticized Expanding Grout Admixture

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Estogrout Admix is an admixture for cementitious grouts where a low water : cement ratio and positive expansion are required.

It is a combination of plasticizing agent and a gas producing expansion medium. Sufficient restrained expansion is developed to ensure a high degree of interfacial contact.

If pre-packed cement based grout is required instead of an admixture, use Estogrout FP 70, MP 70 or MP 60, which only required additional of water.

Estogrout Admix has been tested by SIRIM BHD in accordance to ASTM C940:1998, on Expansion and Bleeding Test, Potentiometric Method, on Determination of Chloride Content, and complied with the specification in this data sheet.


Estogrout Admix is suitable for use to grout.


  • Ground Anchors
  • Steel columns
  • Bed grouting
  • Duct grouting
  • Infilling and jointing

Standards Compliance

  • Excellent flow and good filling properties
  • Good dimensional stability
  • No bleeding
  • High strength
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion in the grout.

Standards Compliance

  • ASTM C940

Physical Properties

Colour Brown
Chloride Content Nil
Setting Time Not affected
Time for Expansion, mins at 20 °C 15 – 120
Pressure to Restrain Plastic Expansion 0.004N/mm²
Expansion Characteristics, ASTM C940 1% – 4%

Application Instructions


Typical mixes

OPC (kg) 50 50
5mm Sand (kg) 50
Water (litre) 20 – 22 22 – 24
Estogrout Admix (gm) 225 225
Yield (litre) 36 57

Over Dosing

Drastic overdosing of Estogrout Admix increases expansion and may cause severe strength lost.


For best results a mechanically powered grout mixer must be used. For quantities up to 50kg a slow speed drill fitted with a high shear paddle is suitable. Larger quantities will require a high shear vane mixer. It is essential that machine mixing capacity and labour availability is adequate to enable the grouting operation to be carried out continuously. This may require the use of a holding tank with provision for gentle agitation to maintain fluidity.

The selected water content should be accurately measured into the mixer. Slowly add the cement (and sand if required) and Estogrout Admix. Mix continuously for 5 minutes, making sure that a smooth even consistency is obtained.


After mixing, areas to be grouted should be prepared in the usual way to ensure, clean, sound, pre-wetted substrates. Place the grout within 20 minutes of mixing to gain the full benefit of the expansion process. Adopt usual placing or pumping procedures ensuring a continuous operation.


On completion of the grouting operation all exposed areas that are not to be cut back should be thoroughly cured. This should be done after the initial hardening of the grout by continuous application of water or by application of suitable curing membrane such as Estocure product range.

Packing & size

Estogrout Admix 20kg tin
225g sachet

Technical Support

Estop offers a comprehensive range of high performance, high quality of product for both new and existing concrete surfaces. In addition, the company offers a technical support package to specifies, end-users and contractors, as well as on-site technical assistance.


Extogrout Admix should be stored on pallets in dry conditions. Under these conditions the product will have a shelf life of 12 months.


Gloves should be worn when mixing with Estogrout Admix. Wet mix shall be wash with clean water when contacted with skin or eyes.

In the event of prolonged irritation, seek medical advice.

Additional Information

Estop manufactures and offers a wide range of complementary products which includes waterstops, waterproofing products, grouts, anchors, specialized flooring products. In addition, a wide range of products formulated for repair and refurbishment of spalled concrete are available.