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Estokote Grey

Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry & Protective Coating

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Estokote Grey is a cement based two component polymer modified flexible waterproof coating. When used in reservoir or similar structure, it is able to accommodate the bending moment of the structure when it is filled with water. It fills and seals pores and voids of concrete or Masonry Surfaces to prevent water infiltration.

It is compatible to concrete. The bonding agent imparts excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces and forms part of the structure.

It is also supply in white colour, by the name of Estokote White, where the properties remain unchanged.

Estokote Grey has been tested by SIRIM BHD, in accordance to BS 6920, on the suitability for contact with drinking water, BS 1881, on Water Absorption Test, and complied with the specification in this data sheet.


Estokote Grey is suitable and widely been used, it is recommended for –

  • Potable water tanks, reservoirs and water treatment plant
  • Basement, retaining wall and tunnels
  • Planter boxes, terraces and balconies
  • Swimming pools & R.C gutter
  • Bathrooms and kitchens


  • Easy to mix, apply & impermeable
  • Breathable and allows transmission of water vapour from interior of building
  • Non-toxicity requirement especially for potable water
  • Protection of concrete against the effects of C0² de-icing salts and water penetration
  • Flexible thermal expansion similar to concrete
  • Sealing non-movement fine cracks or pores of all masonry
  • Non-corrosive to steel or ferrous metal

Standards Compliance

  • ASTM D4541
  • BS 1881 Part 122:1983
  • BS 6920 Part 1:2000

Physical Properties

Pull-Off Strength, N/mm²
ASTM D4541
0.8 – 1.5
Toxicity Test,
BS 6920 Part 1:2000
Water Absorption, %
BS 1881 Part 122:1983
< 1.0

Application Instructions


The surfaces, which are to receive Estokote Grey coating, must be free from oil, grease, wax, dirt or loosely adhering particles and sharp edges or any other form of foreign material, which might affect adhesion. The surface must be roughened.

Spalled and deeply disintegrated concrete should be removed to sound concrete and repaired with a suitable concrete repair mortar such as Estopatch MP or Estocrete WR.

Absorbent surfaces have to be thoroughly saturated with water prior to application of first coat of Estokote Grey. However, no loose standing water should be on the surface before application.


Mix in a clean container by slowly adding the powder component to the liquid component and stirring with slow speed mixer for 2 – 4 minutes to avoid lump formation. Use mixture within 30 minutes.



Whilst the substrate is still damp from saturation, apply the first coat. Leave to harden for approximately 4-8 hours at temperatures above 20°C before applying the second coat.

For slurry consistency, apply Estokote Grey with Estokote Brush to achieve the required coverage. Please contact Estop for details. Spray or trowel applications can be undertaken as necessary using the correct mixing ratio to obtain satisfactory consistency. Re-mixed the Estokote Grey material remained in mixing vessel for every application of Estokote Grey. Minimum two coats are recommended.

For floor application, to avoid risk of damage to the first coat, it is recommended that the second coat be applied before 24 hours. If the second coat is applied 12 hours or later, the first coat shall be slightly prewetted, preferably using a fine spray. After the second coat has been applied better finishing can be achieved by rubbing down with a soft, dry sponge.

Over Coating

Allow the coating as above to be harden for at least 3 days prior subsequence overcoating work.

For over coating with non-cementitious materials, Please refer to Estop Technical Department.


The freshly applied waterproof coating shall be protected from rain, dirt, oil grease or other loose materials during its drying time.

The contractor should also take precautions to protect the Estokote Grey coating from any mechanical damage during the construction of other trade of works.

Estokote Grey waterproofing system to floors should be protected from damage by applying a protective screed.

Installation of Wall Tiles on Estokote Grey

It is recommended to cure the Estokote Grey coating for 3 days before installation of wall tiles. Prior installation of wall tiles, the Estokote Grey coating shall be pre-wetted with water using a fine spray and sprinkled with OPC cement.

Apply the mixed tile adhesive or dry mixed mortar onto the saturated substrate with trowel. Level the tile adhesive to the desired thickness. Fix the tiles in position. Ensure the wall tiles are fully contacted with tile adhesive and avoid cavities formed. Estokote Grey is designed as waterproofing system. Hence it is highly recommended that tile adhesive is used. If tile mortar is to be used, a low water (dry) mixture should be used DO NOT USE TILE MORTAR THAT CONTAIN HIGH WATER. Please contact Estop for details.


Precaution should be taken for applications done directly under sunlight and windy conditions. It should also be protected from direct rain for at least 4 hours.

The finishing coat shall be cured for 3-5 days before other trade shall be proceeded.

Packing & Size

Estokote Grey 22.5 kg pack
Estokote Long Brush
Estokote Short Brush
11 inch
9 inch


Estokote Grey 11 m² per pack per two coats

Technical Support

Estop offers a technical support package to specifiers, end-users and contractors, as well as on site technical assistance.


Estokote Grey should be stored on pallets in dry conditions. Under these conditions the product will have a shelf life of 12 months.


Estokote Grey is non-toxic but is alkaline in nature. Gloves should be worn. Any splashes to the skin or eyes should be washed off immediately. In the event of prolonged irritation, seek medical advice.

Additional Information

Estop manufactures and offers a wide range of complementary products, which includes waterstops, waterproofing products, grouts, anchors, specialized flooring products. In addition, a wide range of products formulated for repair and refurbishment of spalled concrete are available.