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Estokote Super

Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry & Protective Coating

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Estokote Super is a one part hydrophobic polymer modified cementitious coating. It consists of specially selected cements, graded hard wearing aggregates and additives supplied in powder form.

When mixed, an easy brushable coating is produced. Estokote Super can simply be applied by a stiff brush, roller, spray or trowel to obtain the desired texture.

Estokote Super has outstanding wear and weather resistance. Estokote Super provides a protective waterproof coating and has been shown to resist water pressure up to 14 metre head.

Estokote Super has been tested by SIRIM BHD, in accordance to BS 1881 Part 122, on the Water Absorption Test, and complied with the specification in this data sheet.


Estokote Super is a flexible cementitious waterproofing system formulated to waterproofing, fill and seals pores and voids of all masonry and concrete, as follow:

  • Planter box
  • Toilets, bathrooms and kitchen
  • Basement
  • Retaining wall and tunnel
  • Fountains, reservoirs and water tank


  • Minimum surface preparation needed.
  • Applied directly to the concrete and masonry.
  • Bonds to porous and non porous surfaces.
  • Excellent for damp-proofing basements and below grade surfaces.
  • Breathable – allows transmission of water vapour from interior of building.
  • Flexible – thermal expansion similar to concrete.
  • Excellent for pointing leaking brick and masonry walls
  • Self curing – no fear of premature drying.
  • Ease in handling and application.

Standards Compliance

  • BS 1881 Part 122

Physical Properties

Pot Life at :
60 min
20 min
Mixed Density, kg/litre
(brushable consistency)
Colours Grey
Water Absorption after 28 days, %
BS 1881 Part 122
< 1

Application Instructions


All the surfaces which are to receive Estokote Super coating must be free from oil, grease, wax, dirt or any other form of foreign matter which might affect adhesion. Spalled and deeply disintegrated concrete should be removed to sound concrete and repaired with a suitable concrete repair mortar.


Add the powder component gradually to clean water avoiding lump formation and mix 2 – 4 minutes. Do not mix more material than can be used within pot life. Keep mixing from time to time during application. Estokote Super is supplied in 25 kg pack. Do not retemper with water.

Mixing water is approx 7.0 – 7.5 litres per 25 kg of Estokote Super.


For best result, damp the surface before coating with Estokote Super. Use Estokote Brush for brush application.

Two coats are recommended for best results.

Apply first coat at the rate of 1 kg/m² and allow to dry. Then apply subsequent coats at 0.5 kg/m² and allow to dry and cure.

Subsequent Finishes

Estokote Super provides an aesthetically pleasing surface finish, texture dependent on the methods of application and does not normally require any further surface finish. Estokote Super is however, compatible with most forms of subsequent coatings.


The freshly applied waterproof coating shall be protected from rain, during its drying time. The applicator should also take precautions to protect the Estokote Super from any mechanical damage during construction of his other work. Estokote Super waterproofing system to floors should be protected from damage by applying a protective screed. Allow Estokote Super to cure for at least 5 – 14 days before application of screed.


Estokote Super should be removed from tools and equipment immediately after use with clean water.


Estokote Super should not be applied during rain or when rain is expected. For vertical application, Estokote Super should be cured for at least 5 – 14 days, depends on ventilation condition of area of application, prior to laying of cement/sand plastering or tiling or similar. The use of tile adhesive or bonding agent would be an added advantage to ensure optimum bonding between tiles/cement plaster and Estokote Super.

Packing & Size

Estokote Super 25 kg pack
Estokote Long Brush
Estokote Short Brush
11 inch
9 inch

Usage Recommendations

Depending on the usage of the surface to be coated, the total consumption for two or three applications is as follows:

Packing & Size

Usage consumption
Waterproofing without water pressure 1.5 kg / m² / 2 coats
Waterproofing with water pressure 2.0 kg / m² / 3 coats


32 kg mixture of Estokote Super


Estokote Super 1.5 kg / m² / 2 coats
21.3 m² / 2 coats / 25 kg pack
Estokote Super 2.0 kg / m² / 3 coats
16.0 m² / 3 coats / 25 kg pack

The coverage will depend on porosity of substrate surface to receive Estokote Super.

Technical Support

Estop offers a technical support package to specifiers, end-users and contractors, as well as on site technical assistance.


Estokote Super has a shelf life of 12 months in unopened bags, kept in a dry store. In high humidity locations, the shelf life may be reduced to 6 to 8 months.


Estokote Super is non-toxic but it is alkaline in nature. Gloves and goggles should be worn. Any splashes to the skin or eyes should be washed off with plenty of clean water. In the event of prolonged irritation, seek medical advice.

Additional Information

Estop manufactures and offers a wide range of complementary products, which includes waterstops, waterproofing products, grouts, anchors, specialized flooring products. In addition, a wide range of products formulated for repair and refurbishment of spalled concrete are available.