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Estoproof 400

Integral Liquid Waterproofing and Plasticiser

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Estoproof 400

Reinforced Waterproof And Vapour-Proof Membrane


Estoproof 400 is a cold applied, self adhesive sheet waterproofing membrane consisting of a tough, damage resistant, polyester fabric reinforcement sandwiched between two layers of polymer modified bitumen.

It has a carrier film on the upper surface to assist in handling, and a peel off selvedge strip providing a bitumen to bitumen bond at the edge laps. The adhesive surface is protected by a release paper which is removed before application.


To provide a vapour and waterproof membrane in building and civil engineering structures.

To act as a barrier to the passage of vapour through ground slabs. It also protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts.

Typical applications include basements, ground slabs, reservoir roofs, foundations, lift pits and subways.


  • Waterproof and vapour-proof
  • Fabric reinforcement – high puncture resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Peel-off selvedge – enables clean dry jointing of  bitumen to bitumen edge laps of consistent width
  • Excellent bond to substrate
  • Will resist hydrostatic head of up to 30 m when fully supported

Standard Compliance                                                                            

  • ASTM D1000
  • ASTM E96
  • ASTM E154


Physical Properties

Moisture vapour Transmission rate

(75% RH/25°C) ASTM E96




< 0.5 g/m2/hr

Adhesion to self ASTM D1000  

> 1.0 N/mm2

Adhesion to primed concrete ASTM 1000  

> 1.0 N/mm2

Application temperature 5°C to 50°C
Thickness 2.0 ± 0.2 mm


Application Instruction

Substrate should be float finished and free form any contamination, cavities and projecting aggregates.

Apply Estoproof Primer W to the substrate and allowed to dry tack free, prior to the application of Estoproof 400.

The membrane should be applied to the substrate having first removed the silicone release paper, pressing the polyethylene film firmly ensuring that the adhesive bitumen compound bonds continuously to the substrate with no air pockets.

Allow a 50 – 75 mm overlap at the edges of the membrane and

100 – 150 mm overlap at the ends and press or roll the overlaps ensure a positive watertight bond.

All overlaps on vertical or inclined surfaces must be carried out to produce “Weathered Overlaps”.

Wall and floor slab junctions shall be laid with Angle Fillets to create a smooth transition.


The membrane should be protected immediately after application with Protection Board or cement/sand screed.

Packing & Size

  Estoproof 400                         1m x 15m roll                                              
Estoproof Primer W 200 litre drum

                                                     20 litre pail                                             



Estoproof Primer W 5 m2  per litre


Technical Support

Estop offers a comprehensive range of high performance, high quality of product for both new and existing concrete surfaces. In addition, the company offers a technical support package to specifiers, end-users and contractors, as well as on-site technical assistance.


Estoproof 400 membrane should be stored in original unopened packaging in dry conditions at sheltered area.

Estoproof 400 has a shelf life of 24 months.

However, membrane shall be stored vertically and not stacked.


There is no health hazards associated with the use of these products.

Additional Information

Estop manufactures and offers a wide range of complementary products which includes waterstops, waterproofing products, grouts, anchors, specialized flooring products. In addition, a wide range of products formulated for repair and refurbishment of spalled concrete are available.