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High Strength Carbon Fiber Sheet For Structural Strengthening System At Concrete Structures


EstoWrap is a high tensile strength, high elastic modulus sheet of longitudinal oriented continuous carbon fiber element which are held in position by lightweight, open mesh scrim. It comes in various sheet weight of carbon fibers (g/m2). They are known as

  • EstoWrap 150
  • EstoWrap 200
  • EstoWrap 230
  • EstoWrap 300
  • EstoWrap 450
  • EstoWrap 530
  • EstoWrap 600

When used in conjunction with a specially developed primer, improves structural performances by strengthening and improving shear strength and deformation properties.


EstoWrap is used for strengthening columns and beams of load bearing structures specifically where improvement to shear strength and deformation properties is required. Typical applications include piers, columns, connecting beams and slabs of railway and road bridges, buildings and towers.

In the following structures :

  • Commercial, high rise
  • Industrial plants
  • Warehouse
  • Bridges, tunnels, jetties
  • Pipes, culvert, chimneys
  • Power station plants


  • Exhibit high tensile strength and elastic modulus
  • Good dimensional stability
  • High impact resistant
  • Resin is of high chemical resistant
  • Imparts very low electrical conductivity
  • Will not corrode
  • Lightweight hence easy to handle and use
  • Carbon reinforced   hence    good   thermal expansion
  • High shear stress and cut resistance

Durability Description

EstoWrap high performance fabric sheet which is encapsulated in EstoWrap resin to provide properties of high strength and high elastic modulus. Its low density properties, specific strength and modulus are extremely high compared with conventional materials such as steel and concrete.

EstoWrap is extremely easy to handle and apply with no noise and minimal site equipment necessary allowing  quick and easy reinforcement of structural members without major disruption.

EstoWrap is lightweight, has high impact resistant, excellent tensile strength, is extremely stable at high and low temperatures and has excellent chemical resistance under a variety of exposure conditions.


Physical Properties


Product Name

Areal Weight (g/m2) Fabric Thickness (mm)  
EstoWrap 150 150 0.086
EstoWrap 200 200 0.111
EstoWrap 230 230 0.131
EstoWrap 300 300 0.166
EstoWrap 450 450 0.255
EstoWrap 530 530 0.293
EstoWrap 600 600 0.337

Tensile Strength (N/mm2)                     > 3000

Fiber Strength (Mpa)                             4900

Fiber Stiffness (Gpa)                            230

Style                                                        Woven UD

EstoWrap Adhesive Resin

Adhesive Strength (Mpa)                     >1.5

Shear Strength (Mpa)                           >30

Compressive Strength (Mpa)  >60                 Flexural E-

Modulus (Mpa)                      >3500                      Flexural

Strength (Mpa)                      >40

Instruction to Use


Concrete surface must be dry, smooth, sound free from debris and loose material. Surfaces must be fully cured and free from contamination.

Thorough preparation of the substrate is vital with light grit blasting recommended to remove all deleterious substances and provide a suitable key. All dust and debris must be removed prior to proceeding. Blow holes or imperfections should be filled with Estorex Putty or Estocrete  WR prior to application of EstoWrap Primer.


The base and hardener components of EstoWrap Primer should be thoroughly stirred before the two are mixed together.

Pour the hardener into a suitably sized mixing vessel and add the base resin into the hardener. The use of a heavy- duty slow speed, flameproof or air driven drill fitted with a mixing paddle is desirable. Mix these components in the quantities supplied taking care to ensure all containers are scraped clean.

Apply EstoWrap Primer to the prepared substrate using a stiff brush, working the primer well into the substrate at a coverage rate of 0.3 kg/m2.


Arrange enough material, manpower and equipment to carry out the application within the resin pot life.

The base and hardener components of EstoWrap Encapsulation Resin should be mixed as per mixing instruction of EstoWrap Primer. Apply the EstoWrapRresin to the primed surface, using roller at the rate of 0.6 kg/m2. Immediately after application of the resin, the pre-cut EstoWrap Carbon Fabric Sheet (maximum 4m length) should be applied using rubber or plastic scraper.

Remove the release paper from the Estowrap Carbon Fabric Sheet and roll it with an impregnation roller in a direction parallel to the fibres in the carbon sheet.

After 30 minutes of the impregnation and within 3 hours, apply a second coat of EstoWrap Resin at a coverage rate

High Strength Carbon Fiber Sheet For Structural Strengthening System At Concrete Structures

of 0.6 kg/m2 to completely encapsulate EstoWrap Carbon Fabric Sheet.

Following cure of the second application of EstoWrap Resin, apply Estotect PU finishing coat.


EstoWrap should be protected via over coating with a PU based UV resistant coating within 6 hours of application.

Packing And Size

EstoWrap Encapsulation Resin

Hardener 5 kg

Base Resin             10 kg


EstoWrap Carbon Fiber Sheet

  1. a) 150,200,230,300 0.5m(W)X100m(L)
  2. b) 450,530,600 5m(W)X50m(L)



EstoWrap Primer                                   0.3 kg/m2 EstoWrap Encapsulation                       1.2 kg/m2/2 coats Resin


Technical support

Estop offers a technical support package to specifiers, end-users and contractors, as well as on site technical assistance.


EstoWrap Primer should be stored on pallets in dry conditions. Under these conditions the product will have a shelf life of 12 months.

If stored in extreme whether condition the shelf life may be reduced.

However, EstoWrap Carbon Fiber Sheet have  an  unlimited shelf life but must be stored in dry condition.

Additional information

Estop manufactures and offer a wide range of complementary products which includes waterstops, waterproofing products, grouts, anchors, specialized flooring products. In addition, a wide range of products formulated for repair and refurbishment of spalled  concrete are available