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Free Flow High Performance Epoxy Resin

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Free    Flow    High    Performance    Epoxy Resin



Estofill is a low viscosity, two-part epoxy resin compound. It consists of one part epoxy resin and one part of  curing agent. It has high penetrability, and will cure in crack and cavities (wet or dry) with negligible shrinkage.


Estofill has been tested by SIRIM BHD and Testech Sdn Bhd in accordance to ASTM C942:1999, on Compressive Strength Test; ASTM D965-02a, on Compressive Properties for Epoxy; BS 5350 Part C15:1990, on Determination of Bond Strength in Compressive Shear and complied with the specification in this data sheet.



Estofill is recommended for cracks and cavities repairs in concrete structures, masonry or bricks.



  • Low viscosity – high penetration
  • Rapid cure with negligible shrinkage
  • Suitable for pressure grouting
  • Excellent bond strength to steel reinforcement and concrete
  • Achieved high early compressive and tensile strength
  • Fill fine crack and cavity, wet or dry


Standards Compliance

  • ASTM C942:1999
  • ASTM D965-02a
  • BS 5350 Part C15:1990


Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 1.0 – 1.2
Colour Amber
Pot Life at 30 °C, 500 gm 30 mins
Compressive Strength (N/mm2), ASTM D965-02a

1 day

7 days





Flexural Strength (N/mm2)

7 days



Slant Shear Bond Strength (N/mm2)  


Toxicity Non-toxic
Chemical Resistance to Occasional Spillage

Acids Alkalis Oils Petrol



Resistant Resistant Resistant Resistant



Application Instructions Horizontal Application


A V-groove shall be formed along the crack lines before pouring with Estofill. In the case of suspended slabs, the underside of the crack should be sealed with Estocrete WR to prevent leakage of the crack sealer through the slab.



Mix Part A and Part B of Estofill in a clean mixing vessel until a uniform mixture is formed. Estofill shall be mix thoroughly to prevent lowering of properties.



The mixed Estofill shall be poured carefully into the crack lines/pre-form V-groove, allowing it to seep in, and keep adding in until it is full. Precaution shall be taken to ensure the crack lines/pre-form V-groove is clean/free from loose particles, debris, oil, grease etc.

Vertical Application Preparation

Injection  nipples  shall  be  installed  along  the  crack  lines   with

Estocrete WR. Seal the expose crack lines with Estocrete WR. The injection nipples shall be placed 200-400 mm apart, depending upon the depth of crack. The deeper the crack that form, the closer the injection nipples shall be.



As for horizontal application, mix the components thoroughly. The mixed Estofill can be injected, either by well-fitting grease gun or by paint pressure pot. The injection process shall begin at the bottom-most nipple and injected until mixture exudes from the nipple above.

Remove the nipples and plug with appropriate tools.

In some cases, it may be necessary to seal the wall on the opposite side with Estocrete WR.




Tools, etc can be cleaned while the resin is still uncured with solvent cleaner.


Technical Support

Estop offers a comprehensive range of high performance, high quality of repair product for both new and existing concrete surfaces. In addition, the company offers a technical support package to specifies, end-users and contractors, as well as on- site technical assistance.



Estofill should be stored on pallets in dry conditions. Under these conditions, the product will have a shelf life of 12 months.

If stored in extreme heat locations the shelf life may be reduced.


Packing & Size

Estofill 2 litre pack

                               20 litre pack                                            



Estofill 1 litre pack will fill a cavity of 25mm deep with 3 mm wide for a length of

                              approximately 13m                                 



Estofill contains epoxy resins, which may cause skin sensitization in certain individuals. Skin contact should be avoided and a suitable barrier cream shall be applied or disposable rubber or plastic gloves shall be worn.


Additional Information

Estop manufactures and offers a wide range of complementary products, which includes waterstops, waterproofing products, grouts, anchors, specialized flooring products. In addition, a wide range of products formulated for repair and refurbishment of spalled concrete are available.