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Estoflex Acryl 1000

Decorative, Elastomeric Waterproof Membrane for Roof

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Estoflex Acryl 1000 is a single component, solvent free, water dispersed vinyl – ethylene copolymer, thus providing prolonged durability and excellent weather resistant and its latex properties completely resist ozonolysis and other oxidative degradation.

Colours incorporated are oxide pigments, thereby resistant to ultra violet light with no deterioration especially in tropical conditions.

Estoflex Acryl 1000 is also very useful for complete waterproofing with decorative finish on corroded corrugated metal sheets and concrete roof slab.

Estoflex Acryl 1000 has been tested by SIRIM BHD, in accordance to BS 1881 Part 122:1983, on Water Absorption Test; ASTM D412 : 2002, on Ultimate Tensile Strength and Elongation and complied with the specification in this data sheet.


Estoflex Acryl 1000 is a brush or roller applied decorative treatment for:-

  • Old or new roofs
  • Concrete, asbestos cement, corrugated roof, felt timber etc., but excluding bitumen


  • Durable/Flexible
  • Provide a complete roof protection
  • Excellent opacity/Low odour
  • Single component/Water base
  • Decorative waterproofing coating
  • Simple to apply by brush or roller/Economical
  • Excellent adhesion to metal and concrete
  • Capable of bridging substrate crack up to 1.5mm when fully cured at 1.2mm thick

Standards Compliance

  • BS 1881, Part 122 : 1983
  • ASTM D412 : 2002


Chemical Composition

Water Absorption, % BS 1881 Part 122 :1983 < 0.1
Ultimate Tensile Strength, MPa ASTM D412 : 2002 > 2.0
Ultimate Elongation, % ASTM D412 : 2002 > 200

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be generally sound and clean. Cracks and joints should be cleaned and filled with Estoflex Acryl 1000separately, allowing drying. Larger cracks should be chased out to at least 10 mm wide and repaired with Estop joint sealing compounds such as Estojoint or Estolastic.

Base Screed ( for R. C. at roof )

Base screed with minimum gradient of 1:120, to receive Estoflex Acryl 1000, shall be laid if the floor is uneven and without required gradient, to achieve better waterproofing performance.


General specification clauses for Estoflex Acryl 1000 on RC roofs.

The surface shall be cleaned and free from dust, dirt, grease, moss and loose material. The clean surface shall be primed by brushing the surface with 5 part Estoflex Acryl 1000 mix with 1 part of clean water and at a spread rate of 5 – 6 m2/litre. Allow primer coat to cure. The priming coat shall be extended at least 240mm up to all parapet walls.

The primed surface shall be over coated with the first undiluted coat of Estoflex Acryl 1000 at spread of 3 – 4 m2/litre. Whilst first coat is still sticky, embed Estop fibreglass on top of it and allow drying.

After the first coat application, sprinkle Estop Slip Resistant Grain at 2kg/m2, before applying of second coat of Estoflex Acryl 1000 at spread rate of 3 – 4 m2/litre.

This is to enhance durability and to provide slip resistant surface.

An additional of third coat of Estoflex Acryl 1000 at the spread of 2m2/ liter is optional, depending on requirement.

Once Estoflex Acryl 1000 has hardened, it is then immune to weathering and dampness. Estoflex Acryl 1000 may be diluted with water if thickens on standing.

Estoflex Acryl 1000 is very effective when sandwiched with Estop fibreglass to repair leaky gutters, down spouts, etc., to bridge cracks; corrosion etc., providing the damage is not too extensive. Do not pour surplus materials down drain, wash all brushes immediately or keep immersed in water.

a) Non-Expose System – Protective Screed

If sand and cement protective panels are required for roof traffic on top of Estoflex Acryl 1000, the above final coat ofEstoflex Acryl 1000 should be blinded with clean sharp sand passing through a 3mm sieve to provide a key for the second concrete pour.

b) Exposed System

Estoflex Acryl 1000 is also an expose decorative waterproofing system. It comes in various colours as stated in this data sheet.

Packing & size

Estoflex Acryl 1000 20 litre pail
Colours Off White, Grey, Green (Special colours on request)


Estoflex Acryl 1000 3 – 4 m2/litre/coat, depends on porosity of surface

Technical Support

Estop offers a comprehensive technical support, including help at the design stage, application advice and on the site problem solving. Specfiers and contractors are encouraged to contact our trained staff for answers to their questions.


Storage must be carefully controlled as all latex systems may coagulate (solidify with long periods of storage) in high temperatures. Store in shade under warehouse conditions and keep away from sources of heat.

Estoflex Acryl 1000 has a minimum shelf life of 12 months.

Shelf life may reduce if stored in extreme heat condition.


Estoflex Acryl 1000 should not be swallowed or in contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective gloves and goggles.

Splashes on the skin should be removed with water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately – do not induce vomiting.

Additional Information

Estop also offers various types of waterproofing systems, which include self-adhesive, and torched-on membranes, polymer modified cementitious coatings, liquid applied coatings and rubberized bituminous emulsions etc.